Mapping between Myers-Briggs/Keirsey, OCAI and McCloud’s Artistic Approach

This is an observation I noticed connecting Myers-Briggs/Keirsey personality types, the OCAI Organizational Culture Assemnet Instrument, and Scott McCloud’s Artistic Approaches structure.

It makes sense that personality types can map to organization culture and artistic approaches. Still, I was surprised at how neatly the mapping fell into place. This is all the more impressive since the OCAI model was developed completely independently of Jungs, Myers-Briggs and Keirsey’s work (at least as far as I know). McCloud’s work, on the other hand, may be derivative. His mapping to the loaded terms such as “Beauty”/”Truth” and “Form”/”Content” seems original though. I’d love to see an web article by him where he further explores this,

At any rate, this raises interesting questions: How universal is this structure? What other areas of life can it be applied to? Can we translate insights from one area to another? Does the mapping extend to the 16 more detailed personality types?

If you know of any research into this structure as of itself, drop me a line.

Myers-Briggs & Keirsey Feeling Thinking
OCAI Internal focus & Integration External focus & Differentiation
McCloud Artistic Approaches</td> Art Life
Sensing Guardian SF Artisan ST
Stability & Control Hierarchy Market
Tradition Classicist, Beauty Animist, Content
Intuition Idealist NF Rational NT
Flexibility & Discretion Clan Adhocracy
Revolution Formalist, Form Iconoclast, Truth